Plasma Pro

Plasma fibroblast treatment is one of the latest and most exciting treatments in facial rejuvenation and non-surgical skin tightening. Plasma treatment causes instant alteration of loose or damaged skin, stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. The method is considered to be acceptable for most people and the resulting tissue retraction and skin tightening makes the treatment one of the best non-surgical options available for dramatic and permanent results. Plasma treatment can be used to remove excess skin and to reduce lines and wrinkles without surgery. It can be used for the following:

  • Non-surgical blepharoplasty – upper & lower eye
  • Lines and wrinkles around the mouth
  • Facelift and neck lift
  • Skin Tags

Why should I come to you?

The clinic is run by Wendy Dudley, a registered midwife and Independent Nurse Prescriber, accountable to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Be reassured this clinic is also a member of the ACE Group (Aesthetics Complications Expert Group), with certification from the internationally renowned CISC School of Cosmetology. Wendy has also trained under leader in aesthetics, Dr. Tim Pearce MBChB MRCGP BSc (hons). Please note that many nurses offering the same services are working illegally and are not licensed to do so. Always check that the nurse or midwife is a registered prescriber. If you are in any doubt contact the Nursing and Midwifery Council (, General & Registration Enquiries 0207 333 9333.

Is it safe?

Plasma therapy offers an alternative to invasive surgical cosmetic procedures, avoids bleeding, reduces downtime and serious post operative complications. It is an innovative rejuvenation and skin tightening method which utilises the fourth state of matter – Plasma. The system is very precise and doesn’t spread heat to the surrounding areas, treating only the top layer of the skin means that it is perfect to operate on delicate areas such as eyelids.

Does it hurt?

Local anaesthetic cream will be applied for 40-50 minutes prior to the treatment to minimise any discomfort. The treatment may feel hot in places and there may be a tingling or burning sensation afterwards.

How does it work?

The Plasma method has many advantages over invasive traditional surgery, which makes it an increasingly popular treatment method. Plasma is relatively new innovation in the aesthetic industry. The precise devise works by ionising gas particles in the air between its tip and the skin, to form plasma. The solid substance is turned from a solid state straight into gas. The electrical arch is visible between the tip of the device and the skin. The top layer of the skin is destroyed instantly in a safe and efficient manner producing stable, long lasting results.

What can I expect following the treatment?

Following the treatment, tiny dark brown crusts will appear at the treatment site which may darken within a few hours. Mini dark spots appear where individual shots have been fired and an area has been ‘sprayed’ with plasma. Swelling is common and will last 2-5 days. It will be significant if you are having top eyelids treated and often worse the following morning. You may experience a tingling/burning sensation for about 30-60 min. The area might be red and warm immediately after the procedure. Skin will be tender and delicate for a few days and it is important to keep it clean and dry. It is important to allow any spots or scabs to fall off naturally otherwise scarring or infection may occur.

What result should I expect?

Final results depend on severity of skin laxity and general health conditions. Reduction in skin folds and creases appear immediately. The result is permanent but you need to remember that your body and the skin will continue to age naturally.

What is the aftercare?

After treatment you must keep the treated area clean and dry. Make-up or moisturisers cannot be applied until the treatment sights have healed. Do not expose the treated area to extreme heat or cold until it has healed. If the swelling is more significant, an anti-inflammatory medication and/or anti-histamine may help reduce the swelling. Crusting will usually flake off within 5-7 days revealing a new pink skin which will blend in naturally over the next few weeks. It is essential to not pick at this crusting as this may lead to infection or scarring. There is no cutting of the skin, no stitches required, no bleeding and no anaesthetic injections, meaning that most people can drive and return to work immediately following the treatment. We advise to have someone driving you home if you are having top eyelid treatment. Broad spectrum sunscreen is a must and will be included in your treatment.

What is the cost?

Wendy will advise you on the best course of treatment for you. Costs at present are Whole areas from £300, Skin Tags from £50.