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Aphrodite - Fractional RF Microneedling

Aphrodite is the latest Fractional RF Microneedling device that combines Fractional RF and Microneedling to stimulate the body’s natural collagen and healing processes revealing firmer, rejuvenated skin.  A gold-plated needle gently penetrates the skin to deliver Radio Frequency into the active dermal layers of the skin. The Radio Frequency heats at subdermal depths that provide cumulative and ongoing benefits of Collagen Stimulation, Skin Tightening, and Resurfacing. Because the RF energy is delivered so deeply, it can produce faster results that are more dramatic.

General Indications also include:

  • Wrinkles

  • Wound healing

  • Acne scars & psoriasis

  • Skin tightening

  • Reduction of stretch marks

  • Loose and crepey skin

  • Decolletage wrinklesAQA

Aphrodite 1.png

What is Micro Needling?

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is an aesthetic medical procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles. These small incisions stimulate an inflammatory reaction, which triggers the wound healing process. 

Since the skin cells believe there is an injury, there is a rapid regeneration of collagen and elastin, as well as keratin cells. This process benefits a multitude of skin ailments.  Transdermal Delivery is where  Micro Channels are created from microneedling serves an essential function for delivery of active ingredients to the active dermal layer of the skin. This is currently the only effective method of penetration for topical applications.  

Unlike other collagen induction therapies and  skin or laser operations, absolutely no removal or damage is inflicted on the Epidermis. Countless Micro Transcellular Routes (Micro Channels) induce Wound Healing Results and an acceleration of Natural Collagen Induction in the Dermal and Basal Layers.

What is Fractional RF?

Fractional radiofrequency (FR) devices deliver thermal energy to the dermis or subcutaneous tissue via electrodes or microneedles (the reason this procedure is also known as microneedling).  Thermal injury can be precisely controlled with temperature and impedance monitoring. Insulated needles and simultaneous epidermal cooling allow for precisely targeted treatment. Like fractional laser technology, which utilizes light as an energy source, FR uses electricity to create noncontiguous zones of thermal injury. 

Partially denatured collagen stimulates new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid formation. Zones of untreated tissue allow for rapid healing and tissue remodeling without scar formation. The remodeling process yields optimal tightening when a temperature of 67°C is maintained for 3 to 4 seconds. 

How many treatments do we recommend?

Your treatment plan will depend on your initial assessment with Wendy.  Typically we reccomend a course of 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart. You will require numbing cream prior to treatment so allow 45-60 mins for the appointment time. 


Important Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Do NOT consume alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to treatment

  • Consider taking arnica tablets from 5 days prior to treatment to reduce possible bruising/swelling


Most patients find that they can return to work and normal activities immediately after treatment.  However, it must be noted that areas of swelling and/or tenderness can persist for up to 5 days.

Aphrodite Diagram.png

What are the risks of this procedure?

Swelling, blistering, infection, unwanted pigmentation changes and scarring are rare side effects. Existing viral infections such as shingles and herpes may be activated by the treatment.

Aftercare and Contraindications

It is important that you follow Wendy's advice carefully after treatment. This will help you to gain maximum effect from the procedure and reduce the risk of any complications.


Post-treatment advice may include:

  • Soothe, calm, and protect the skin. Continue to treat the skin gently for 3 days. 

  • Do not apply make up on the same day of treatment. 

  • Use tepid water to cleanse the treatment area thoroughly while gently massaging to remove debris. Carefully pat dry without rubbing.

  • Day 1-3: On the next day, you may clean your face with a gentle cleanser and apply lotions and recommended homecare products. 

  • Be sure to apply sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure. Do not apply chemical based and/or fragranced cosmetics, skin care, or make up. 

  • Day 4-7: Within the week following your micro needling procedure, you will notice skin dryness and flaking. This is due to an increased turnover of skin cells. During this period, you may apply your regular skin moisturizer, sunscreen and make up (if necessary). 

  • Slight micro-bruising might appear around the eye area and may exist for three or four days. 

  • This can easily be covered with make-up

​Contradicitons include Skin infection or skin diseases (except acne),  haemorrhagic diseases, taking anti clotting drugs, pregnancy,
physical scars, wearing a pacemaker (heart rate devices and other electronic equipment, the body) or metal stent implants.



Aphrodite Acne.png
Aphrodite Acne.png

Acne scarring treated with AK Fractional RF Microneedling (before on the left, after on the right) 

Images © Copyright Aphrodite

Wrinkles Aphrodite.png
Wrinkles Aphrodite.png

Brow wrinkle marks treated with AK Fractional RF Microneedling (before on the left, after on the right) 

Images © Copyright Aphrodite

Stretch Marks Aphrodite.png

Treatment of severe stretch marks with AK Fractional RF Microneedling (before on the left, after on the right) 

Images © Copyright Aphrodite

All before and after photographs featured are real patients, your results may differ.

What is the cost of treatment?

Stretch Marks Aphrodite.png

 Treatments should be 4 weeks apart.  Will require numbing cream prior to treatment, so allow 45-60 mins for the appointment. Book your first consultation with Wendy to discuss a treatment plan and prices.

Contact us on 01782 626993 / 07703 963713 to book a free consultation at our Balanced Aesthetics clinic.

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